Service of manufacturing pewter personalized pieces:

You are interested to add a personal touch to your creations? A personalized pewter piece would please you?

Whether it is a base or a "top" for a ring, a "tag", a pendant or quite different piece of which you think; so small as 3x3mm or rather big as 3x6po, it is now possible!

From a sketch or from an already existing piece, it is possible to create a "master" to make several reproductions (almost until the infinity!) - it is to you to decide on the number of reproductions! Pieces are delivered finished, ready of being assembled!

The price of the pieces is determined by the weight and the work of finish to make; every project has its price!

For a first order of a new piece, certain expenses apply, in addition to the pieces price; the drawing, the production of the "master" and the production mould. For the following orders, you pay only for the produced pieces!

For any reproduction of logo, a convertible file in Illustrator is welcome to facilitate and reduce the working time of the drawing!

Contact us to know our current promotion! Each month we try to supprise you with a special offer :)

In the pleasure to work with you!

*We are now under the name of BTR Accessories!

You can visit our web site: - have a good visit!

*We are making pieces for other artisans since 2010!

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